Developing immersive digital learning journeys with SOCO_ED

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June 27, 2024

Developing immersive digital learning journeys with SOCO_ED

Founding Story

SOCO_ED, founded in 2018 by Francois van Louw, emerged from Just Brands Africa—a digital media services company. Initially created to help a long-standing client digitise their educational resources, SOCO_ED has evolved into a full-service EdTech provider offering unique turnkey solutions for launching online learning services.

Topic: A free online learning platform

A standout addition to their portfolio is Topic, an online learning platform customised for FET-Phase learners in South Africa, which sets them apart in the market. Developed with a deep understanding of how young people prefer to engage with online content, Topic provides an immersive learning experience similar to a social media platform.

Empowering All Students 

SOCO_ED's innovative solution responds to various pressing educational challenges, aiming to make high-quality supplementary learning and career guidance more accessible. It tackles issues like poor education quality, inequality in South Africa, high education costs, dropout rates, and the additional educational challenges posed by COVID-19. Their primary objective is to empower students from less privileged areas, providing them with equal opportunities to learn, prepare for jobs, and pursue further studies.

Meeting the Diverse Needs of Digital Education

The team at SOCO_ED takes a three-pronged approach to enhancing digital education solutions. They focus on software development, content creation, and marketing to provide a full-service solution for modern digital education needs. This approach involves creating custom platforms, mobile applications, and websites for educational requirements, transforming traditional materials into digital formats like interactive videos and e-learning modules, and offering marketing services such as strategic planning, social media management, and digital marketing. This ensures that SOCO_ED is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of modern digital education.

One of SOCO_ED’s key strengths is their platform’s adaptability. This platform is designed to meet the unique needs of various industries, including education, hospitality, commerce, finance, marketing, health and safety, events, aviation, and the motor industry. Whether for remote learning or live class sessions, the platform offers a range of features to enhance the learning experience and deliver results. This adaptability demonstrates the versatility of SOCO_ED's platform and its ability to cater to diverse needs.

Supporting the Future of African Education

Supporting EdTech solutions like SOCO_ED is crucial for the future of South African education. By addressing issues such as low-quality educational resources, inequality, and high dropout rates, SOCO_ED provides under-resourced students with equal opportunities to succeed. Their advanced platform and tailored solutions, like Topic, boost student engagement and learning outcomes, making education more accessible and enjoyable. Investing in technologies like these prepares South African learners for a tech-driven future and nurtures greater equality, ultimately contributing to the nation's educational and economic development.

SOCO_ED is part of the 2024 Injini Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Program.