Founder story: Ambani Africa

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Published on:
July 25, 2023

Ambani Africa is an EdTech company that is changing the face of education in Africa. This innovative EdTech company is part of Injini’s EdTech Fellowship Program, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.

With a mission to make education more accessible and engaging for children, Ambani Africa is using technology to create resources that make sense in the context of African languages and culture. Founded by a team with diverse backgrounds and experiences in education, film, media, and content development, the company is making great strides in the language learning space.

The idea for Ambani Africa came from the personal experience of one of the co-founders, who was struggling to find resources in their home language for their child's education. Through research, they found that many other parents and educators faced similar challenges. They discovered that there was a need for resources that could help children learn in their mother tongue and that there was a lack of such resources in many African languages.

Another co-founder of Ambani Africa had a similar problem. They had to learn new subjects in a language that was not the language they used at home. This made learning new subjects quite difficult for them. Through discussions with parents and educators, the Ambani Africa team realised that many children were faced with the challenge of learning a brand new language while also trying to learn new subjects. This was a major obstacle to their education and it was something that needed to be addressed.

Through the company’s AR app and other learning resources such as books and flashcards, the company aims to create engaging learning resources for children that make sense in their language and context. Through AR and the way in which it brings stories to life, Ambani Africa makes learning fun, interesting, and entertaining.

The company is continuously focused on developing innovative solutions that can help children learn in their home language, while also working with educators and parents to create resources that are relevant to the children's context and culture.

Ambani Africa's vision is ambitious, but they are making progress. They are not only helping to bridge the education gap in Africa but also creating a new era of learning in which technology plays a key role. Their use of technology sets them apart from traditional education models, making learning accessible to children, regardless of their location or socio-economic background.