Creating Impactful Communities with Ubuntu Education

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June 21, 2024

Founding Story

Ubuntu Education, founded in 2018 on the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda, is the brainchild of two visionary educators, David Mariott and Eric Mugwiza. Their unyielding dedication to educational equity, a flame that still burns bright, was the driving force behind their mission to address the disparities faced by African teachers. In 2021, Jess King, a fervent advocate for the cause, joined the co-founding trio, further igniting their commitment.

Addressing Educational Disparities

Teachers across Africa often need more financial resources and professional development opportunities than their Global North counterparts. Recognising this pressing need, the founders of Ubuntu Education believed that technology, specifically an online community, could bridge the gap, enabling teachers to progress and grow professionally regardless of their location or circumstances. This technology, known as the Ubuntu HUB, has successfully connected over 8,000 educators from 10 African countries.

The Lifeline: Ubuntu HUB

The Ubuntu HUB is a lifeline for educators across the continent. It's a dynamic network designed to connect, empower, and elevate educators. Within the HUB, teachers find a sense of community that alleviates the isolation often felt in remote areas. Moreover, it serves as a platform for educators to voice their insights and contribute to broader conversations shaping the future of education, making each educator feel valued and heard.

Extending the Impact Beyond Teachers

Ubuntu Education's impact extends beyond individual teachers. For schools facing the challenge of recruiting the right talent, the HUB provides a platform to advertise roles and connect with top-tier educators. Organisations also benefit from the invaluable contributions of educators in developing products and services, recognising them as the heart and soul of Ubuntu Education’s success.

As the leading African EdTech company harnessing community-driven approaches to enhance teacher capacity, Ubuntu Education aims to provide decolonised, accessible tools for schools and educators. Through initiatives like USAWA, Ubuntu Education taps into communities' collective knowledge and cultural understanding, inviting everyone to participate in the solution for widespread school development.

Building Strong Educational Communities

Ubuntu Education believes that strong communities are the foundation of solid education systems. If grown from healthy seeds and nurtured correctly, they can become fertile ground for the exceptional growth and development of education in Africa. 

Their journey is not just about empowering educators—it's about transforming education from the inside out. By creating inclusive spaces, providing accessible resources, and championing collaborative approaches, Ubuntu Education is building a world where every educator can thrive and every student has access to quality education, irrespective of their background.

Ubuntu Education is part of the 2024 Injini Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Program.